Sunday, November 27, 2011

My daughter and her bridesmaids girlfriend getaway

My daughter finally had her bridesmaids getaway. After much debate about where to travel they decided to keep things simple. The goals were to keep the getaway affordable for all parties while still allowing the bridesmaids to meet each other. My daughter wanted everyone to be able to relax and get to know each other.

Trying on dresses for the bridesmaids girlfriends getaway
One of the bridesmaids was going to have to travel for almost 10 hours to arrive at the getaway. The other girlfriends were local but college students. The last thing that the future bride wanted was for expensive travel plans to keep anyone from being able to enjoy the girlfriends getaway.

Plus, schedules are much more complicated now than when I was a bride. Even though the wedding is several months away there was concern that opportunities for everyone to travel for a get together would be limited.

With travel plans and finances in mind they decided to go for a low key slumber party. The girlfriends getaway weekend became a giant slumber party.

Chocolate, DVDs and laughter ruled the weekend. There was a lot of laughing and very little sleep. Each of the bridesmaids had a good time. The next day the girlfriends had a light breakfast before traveling to the bridal salon about 40 minutes away.

Once there, I think the bridesmaids tried on every gown in the store. There was lots of laughter as selections were being made. After the total was tabulated the girlfriends getaway concluded with their favorite restaurant. They each had a good time, got to know each other and are looking forward to all the wedding planning details. What more could anyone ask for?

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  1. A lovely way to do some early celebrating of the upcoming nuptials. rcj