Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why my Dremel Tool is tops for crafts and home repair

I really like the Dremel Tool that we picked up on Black Friday last year. It was one of those things that happened to land in my shopping cart. (Honest Hubby, I still don't know how it got there!) But, I'm glad that it did.

A chameleon has nothing on this Dremel Tool. Fifty accessories came with the kit which makes it suitable for several different projects. I also like that it is compact and cordless. The full length is about 10''. Although the motor isn't powerful it works well enough for lightweight projects. It excels at grinding, cutting glass and tile. Charge time is under four hours. (Click 'read more' below for the rest of my review.)

I've even read where some people use their Dremel Tool to trim the nails on their dogs. There isn't a snowball's chance in the Caribbean that our dog will sit still for that. I'll console myself with using it to grind glass, cut tile and sand down tiny spots when refinishing furniture.

Hubby also likes to use my Dremel Tool. He went to work on a tea canister that I picked up a few months ago. The glass canister looks great great but the spigot was too small. It took forever to fill one glass of tea. No worries. The Dremel Tool and Hubby saved the day.

We ordered a replacement spigot from Then, Hubby used the Dremel Tool  to expand the hole in the glass tea canister. In just a few minutes the new spigot was installed and the canister was better than new.

The main downside is that the tool will only use Dremel accessories. The tips and accessories are proprietary but some stores don't carry them. It would be nice to walk in to any store and be able get a replacement accessory but that's not going to happen.

Still, for the versatility and ease of use I feel that the Dremel Tool is a good choice. The kit has a number of user-friendly accessories that make it a good value. 

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