Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Should we do a Disney Cruise for a 25th anniversary

Hubby and I will have been together 25 years in 2013. Time passes quickly and we're looking into taking a Disney Cruise to celebrate. This isn't my idea. It's his. When we went without the kids I had to drag him away of the parks. The claw marks in the concrete were left as evidence that Hubby didn't want to leave. For him, there's no better place on earth to take a vacation than WDW. He could live there forever. 

Celebrating our 23rd anniversary
at Disney's Crystal Palace
Personally, I would like to sail just once to see what it is like. It looks like the Disney Cruise Line may offer a land and sea combination that we will both enjoy. This will be my first cruise so thinking about cruising makes me nervous. A lot of people assure me that we will have a great time.

We are also perusing brochures from companies like Carnival and Holland Cruise Lines.  A dizzying array of options abound. I fell in love with Alaska a few years ago and can't rule out a cruise there. It's going to be really tough to know which one to choose.

With a Disney Cruise it looks like we'll be able to drive down and store our camper for a few days. We can pick it up when we get back to port and take it to the Fort Wilderness Resort. I enjoyed Pop Century Resort this year but there seem to be more amenities to Fort Wilderness. Plus, after a few days on a ship I think it would be nice to have a campground experience.

Hubby just wants a cruise experience. Fortunately, we have two years to decide about a Disney Cruise. In the meantime we have to reduce our debt, ,pay for a wedding and see a daughter graduate from college. By the time all of this happens a campground may make more financially feasible than a ship. We'll see what happens. Right now it's too early rule anything out.  

Have you taken a cruise? Which would you recommend (or not)? Let us know by leaving a note in the comment section. 


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