Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video of the Megabus stop at Union Station in D.C.

I took this video of the Megabus stop at Union Station in D.C. on my last trip. Getting off of the bus was pretty confusing. The stop was much easier to navigate on the return trip because I knew more of what to expect.

This video of the Megabus stop in D.C. is taken as I got off of the escalator on the bus deck. This location was put into service in November 2011.

The bus deck at Union Station in Washington, D.C. is open air. In the video you can see that the ceiling provides some protection from rain, sun and snow. Riders are still exposed to the outside temperature and should dress accordingly.

Signs for the lines are plain on the video. Riders who are arriving will need to look for the exit signs. These will lead you to the escalators from the Megabus stop. The main level of Union Station in D.C. is where you can catch a cab, Metro or meet friends who are picking you up.

In the video of the Megabus stop in D.C. you can see that other bus companies use the same deck. Watch out for Bolt, the Washington D.C. Circulator, DC to NY and other companies. The bright blue and yellow buses that you need are hard to miss.

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