Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alaska cruise deals and anniversary dreams

I just looked into Alaska cruise deals for a possible anniversary excursion in 2013. Wow. Deciding where to go may kill me. Part of me was left behind when we drove to Alaska a couple of years ago and it would be great to go back.

Alaska glacier
Alaska cruise deals may make that possible. One of the ports is in Seattle so we still would probably take a road trip to get to the ship. That way we could expand our opportunty to pack more into the vacation.

Cruise lines Royal Caribbean and also Holland American offer several different packages on Alaska Cruise Deals. Most of the trip lengths seem to be between 7 and 14 nights. There are several different ports which all sound exciting.

My favorite AAA travel agent can help me finding something when we're ready to book. I don't think that the deals will evaporate before our anniversary. What planning ahead will enable me to do is build the expense into our spending plan. That way I will have no guilt about booking such an elaborate vacation.

No matter which one of the Alaska cruise deals we choose it must include at least one glacier shore excursion. We saw them and got close to one at Glacier National Park. It's just that we didn't get to spend any time exploring one. I would really like to do that while they are still around.

We saw plenty of moose, bears and other wildlife in Denali and inland Alaska. 

If we choose to go inland I'm sure that there will be deals available for shore excursions to wilderness areas. Marine life watching is another reason why an Alaska cruise speaks to me. I've always wanted to go whale watching. Seals, dolphins and pods of whales can be more easily seen while cruising than from land.

This photo was taken on our Alaska road trip.
Of course, we have to get our daughter married off before we plan anything. She is looking into cruise deals too. 

I don't know which honeymoon direction she'll jump into but that's not my worry. My concerns are getting her married off in 2012 and affording our 25th anniversary in 2013. 

We gave Daughter a chance to take the money and run but she wants a big white wedding. I'm having more luck finding deals for cruises than for the wedding. If anyone has any suggestions let me or the bride know. After the service I can go back to looking at Alaska cruise deals for our anniversary. :-)  

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