Monday, December 26, 2011

Circle of Life in Epcot promotes green living and recycling

Don't forget to see the video called Circle of Life. Hubby and I enjoyed the film and came away with an enlightened importance of recycling and sustainability.

Circle of Life is in the Living with the Land pavilion at Epoct. One of the goals of the pavilion is to promote environmental responsibility. The Circle of Life video is geared toward elementary school children. Teens and adults will also enjoy the film.

Alaska Glacier
The Lion King characters of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa narrate the Circle of Life. The video takes guests on a 20 minute exploration of the beauty of nature. 

It is a combination of live action and animation. There are stunning photos and videos of Alaska glaciers, penguins, jungle animals and rain forests. Included in the Epcot film are live videos of environmental problems from all around the globe.

During Circle of Life at Epcot Timon and Pumbaa have the idea to clear trees from the savanna to make room for the Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village. When Simba shows them how their actions will impact the environment the plans for the village are scrapped.

Hubby and I appreciated the message behind Circle of Life in Epcot. The pace and storyline kept our attention as it did with everyone else in the theater. It was a good compliment to our ride on Living with the Land in Epcot and with our experience on Soarin.

Assistive devices are available. The information on the different types of devices that are offered are available on the Disney website. The Circle of Life in Epcot is a movie that I wouldn't mind when we go back to Walt Disney World.  

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