Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How to winterize our camper

Cool weather means that it is time to winterize our pop-up camper. There isn't a lot of exposed outside parts so winterizing the camper has not been difficult. We aren't off of the hook completely. Even though this is a simple model there are still a few things that have to be done.

After the last camping trip we took a few steps to winterize the camper. When we were ready to finalize the weatherization it all went smoothly. Camping Earth suggests the process can take all afternoon. Our pop-up is simple enough that we were finished in about two hours. 

One thing that I wanted to accomplish is to be able to hook it up and go in the spring. Taking time to winterize the camper meant thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior. I also checked the condition of  the small heater, shower shoes and other items that we have stored in the pop-up. No problems there.

We checked the electrical connections and wheels. These all looked good so we closed it up and washed the outside. 

Our final step to winterize the camper was to pull it onto the carport in anticipation of spring. Our next step to winterize the camper was to put it up on the stands. This takes pressure off of the wheels and helps keep the tires in good condition. 

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