Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Knoxville bus station for Megabus, Greyhound and transit

The Knoxville Bus Station can be a confusing term to a lot of people. Knoxville has a bus station, a bus stop and the transit center for local buses. Things get confusing because Megabus picks up in front of the Knoxville transit center. The Greyhound bus station is in a separate area of town and is nowhere near the other stops. Riders who find themselves in the wrong Knoxville bus station or stop, will need a cab or a friend who can drive them to the right place.

When people say "Knoxville bus station" they are usually referring to either Greyhound or Megabus. Only sometimes are they talking about the Knoxville Tranist Center for city buses. To help ease confusion, I have included addresses and contact information for each in the section below. The links open up into a new window.

301 Church Avenue
Phone: 865.637.3000
Fax: 865.215.7820
Daily service around town is handled through the mass transit station at the Knoxville Transit Center. This is the beginning and ending point for busses that serve the city. If you want to go to downtown Knoxville or to the mall this is where you want to be. 

100 E Magnolia Ave
Phone: 865.525.9483
Greyhound Lines has a station on Magnolia Avenue. It's not far from downtown and convenient to several fast food restaurants. When people think of bus service this traditional company comes to mind. It was once considered to be the gold standard among companies but now faces stiff competition from competitors. Upgrades to some busses include electrial outlets and WI-FI. 

301 Clinch Avenue
Megabus does not have its own bus station. Instead, the company picks customers up in front of the Knoxville Transit Center. The stop is marked with a brightly colored Megabus sign. Currently, the company is offering express service from Knoxville to hubs in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia. It is a low cost carrier that features free WI-FI, electrical outlets and fares as low as $1.00. 

Charter tours
A number of private charter companies are available. The Knoxville bus station for chartered buses is different for each company. Customers should contact the company or tour line directly for information.  


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