Monday, December 12, 2011

Knoxville Christmas lights video downtown on Market Square

Hubby and I strolled through downtown Knoxville to take in the Christmas lights yesterday evening. It was fun to walk through Market Square Mall, Krutch Park and Gay Street. I forgot my gloves so we popped into Mast General Store downtown to pick some up.

You won't believe what happened to us at the store. Picture this. Here I am at my favorite store in downtown Knoxville when a cold wet nose pushed into the back of my calf. Suddenly a dog bursts forth with unbridled energy and tries to jump all over me.

It was ok though. You see, Mast General Store on Gay Street in Knoxville is pet friendly and the happy greeter was Younger Daughter's dog. Fortunately, Daughter was attached. Next to her was future Son-in-Law with their other happily enthusiastic dog.

We didn't have any doggy treats with us but the store did. Part of the reason that Mast General Store in Knoxville is pet friendly is because they carry a huge line of gear for humans and canines. It's much easier to get a good fit on the back packs when you have Fido in tow.

The four of us got a good laugh at meeting up this way. We were supposed to get together in another hour or so on the other side of Market Square Mall in Knoxville.

Since we had extra time we headed back over to Market Square Mall and hit up Rita's Water Ice. The hot chocolate they served was warming medicine to our cold hands. After thawing out we sauntered over to the Knoxville Holidays on Ice to watch them scrape the ice. Of course this was followed by more Market Square Mall shopping.

The Recycled Rock and Cork had a neat booth at the Market Square Mall Holiday Mart in Knoxville. (See video below.). They even gave a couple of doggy Christmas bandannas to my daughter. She was tickled red and green to have them, I was happy to shop and the dogs are always happy.

The ladies even allowed me to photograph the booth for this blog post. (Thanks ladies!!) You can click this link to see Recycled Rock and Cork online. One of their products is a large pillow that reads 'Call Your Mother'. How's that for cool? I may have just found Younger Daughter's wedding present.

If  you haven't been to see the Christmas lights in downtown Knoxville yet you should go. It makes for a fun  but cheap date adventure. What could be better for Christmas than a walk through Market Square Mall, Gay Street and Krutch park in downtown Knoxville?


  1. Mast General Store is definitely my first stop when I visit Asheville or the surrounding WNC areas!

  2. Me too! Waynesville and Knoxville are the ones that I've been to so far. Mast rocks! I love the camping gear, men's ties and everything else about the store.