Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Les Chefs de France dining frustrations

This is the second part of my experience at the Les Chefs de France restaurant at Epcot. The first part can be found here.

Our server was very sweet and did an okay job of waiting on us. Drink refills were a little slow but my frustration came from the way my order was handled.

Allergy alert
The problem is that I'm allergic to onions. We not only told the server but our reservations were flagged for with a food allergy alert to onions.  It wasn't until after she took the order, brought our drinks and delivered the starters that the server came back with the allergy news. At the Les Chefs de France in Epcot every dish on the menu contains onions.

As I was getting up to leave the server said something that salvaged the night. She said there was nothing they could do at Les Chefs de France because onions were in all of the sauces. I asked if the sauce could be omitted, she went back to speak with the chef and the problem was solved.

Why she and the chef couldn't have come up with that is beyond me. This could have been offered as an option instead of letting me almost walk out of Les Chef de France. Without reservations at another restaurant I have no idea where we could have dined.

Although they weren't stellar the meals were good overall.

The bright spot was that the lobster bisque starter was probably the best that I've ever had. The bisque at Les Chef de France exploded with flavor. The lobster really came through and mixed well with the other seasonings. It was definitely the best item of the night.

If we had to do it again we would not order these entrees. Finding that the chicken dish lacked flavor was not a surprise. After all, a key ingredient was purposefully missing. Hubby said that the French onion soup compared favorably to his favorite coffeehouse. Citing a lack of flavor, he less enthusiastic about the beef dish.

Profiterolles au Chocolat
at Les Chef de France.
Dessert and special touch
We choose at Les Chef de France was the Profiterolles au Chocolat; This is a puff pastry with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate sauce is drizzled over everything.

What made it stand out wasn't the flavor but the anniversary touch that was added by our server. She took the trouble to cut a strawberry in half, put a lighted candle in each half and placed it on our dessert plates. We were both touched. 
Our dinner cost was covered by the Disney Dining Plan. Otherwise our meal at Les Chefs de France would have been around $80. Given the lackluster food, slow refills and allergy issue, I would give my experience 3.5 stars.

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