Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting RV insurance on our pop up camper

When we purchased the pop up camper we checked into rv insurance coverage for it. Things change periodically so I made the annual phone call to check our policy. This time, I specifically asked about full coverage on the camper instead of just the basics.

I found out that there are specific coverages for an RV. Liability on the pop up would be covered along with our regular car insurance. I'm not sure that the additional rv insurance coverage is going to be worth it for us. According to the very nice representative that I spoke with the lowest deductible they can offer on a pre-1995 pop up is $500.

She did go ahead and tell me about the rv insurance anyway. The full coverage that they offer includes towing, 24 hour emergency service, $1000 emergency expense allowance to cover lodging and theft of personal belongings up to $5,000.

We're already covered for $750 in trip interruption through our AAA Premier Membership and 200 miles of free towing. (It also covers a free one-day rental car.) So, I'm not worried about either of those.

A quickie math check on what we keep in the rv came in pretty low. Even with clothing and sleeping bags we travel pretty cheaply. The highest dollar amount that I came up would make any rv insurance company proud. How about a whopping $600 - $700 bucks?

I only called the company we already know and love about the rv insurance. Coverage is going to vary between companies and lots of other factors. It is theoretically possible that we could find a lower price elsewhere but I'm not going to check. Gieco has been great to work with in the past. It would be hard to imagine going anywhere else.

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