Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tennessee Theatre mesmerizes theater goers with elegance

We were enchanted by the historic Tennessee Theatre tonight. The movie of the evening was the classic Miracle on 34 Street starting Natalie Wood. The movie is a little different from the more recent flick but just as enjoyable. It was fitting that the classic version would be shown in such extravagant surroundings.

Tennessee Theatre marquis
All of the decor at the Tennessee Theatre is spectacular. The 1928 building was rescued and restored to its fully glory through a lengthy restoration process. Read about the multi-million dollar restoration project at the website for the Tennessee Theatre

This is the only official State Theater of Tennessee and its title is well deserved.  The velvety reds and deep shades of gold pull you back into another time. Grandeur of the gilded age envelopes you as you enter the building.

Marble tile floors are covered with thick luxurious rugs. Walls are intricately decorated with carved molding and other touches. Everything combined works to make this particular theatre a special place in the hearts of its many visitors.

As magnificent as all of this is you must look up to appreciate a mark of true elegance.

For me the crowning touch is high above. Literally. The beautiful extravagant chandeliers are something you might see on the Titanic or stage set in Hollywood. Instead, they hang here. The imposing presence of the chandeliers delicately decorate the ceiling of the historic Tennessee Theatre.

The Tennessee Theatre is the home to the mighty Wurlitzer organ. We were treated to a concert that lasted about 30 minutes before the movie. The melodic tones of holiday favorites reverberated throughout the theater.

The performance on the Wurlitzer organ isn't heard as much as it is felt. Every musical note pulsates into the very fiber of your being. It adds to the awe and wonder of the beautiful Tennessee Theatre.

A partnering sponsor of the Tennessee Theatre is Regal Entertainment. With their support the Wurlitzer organ concerts and classic movies are only a small portion of available entertainment. Plays like Les Miserables, concerts are other performances are scheduled. The building may also be rented for special events and weddings.

If you get the opportunity to go to the Tennessee Theatre do so. It's an unequaled experience that you won't soon forget.

Tennessee Theatre interior
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Tennessee Theatre shows classic Miracle on 34th Street
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