Friday, December 09, 2011

Tennessee Theatre showing Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas means lots of good holiday events are happening in the Knoxville area. It's always exciting to be able to attend something downtown. Finding out that the Tennessee Theatre is showing the Miracle on 34th Street was just too good to pass up.

Christmas lights in downtown Knoxville
If you haven't seen it yet the movie is about a Santa Claus that performs a Christmas miracle. Telling you more than that will require spoilers. Plug the movie title into any search engine to learn more. Or, you can trust me when I say that this is an enjoyable family movie for grade school children through adult.

As fitting with the Tennessee Theatre the version of Miracle on 34th Street that is being shown is the original classic with Natalie Wood. Although the story line is the same the movie being shown at the Tennessee Theatre this year is the older classic version. It is not the remake of a few years ago. A Christmas classic in a classic theatre, what could be more special?

When I first saw Miracle on 34th Street at the Tennessee Theatre my thought was that tickets would be pricey. That wasn't so. Even with the $2.00 total shipping and handling charge the $8.00 per ticket cost less than the last movie that I saw. That's a Christmas present in and of itself.

City owned parking garages in Knoxville, Tennessee are free from 6:00 pm on Fridays and through the weekend. That makes visiting the Tennessee Theatre an even better deal. Not only do we get a chance to see Miracle on 34th Street but being together on Gay St. will help make the night special.

To me, few things that are better than a Christmas date. What's better than a movie at the Tennessee Theatre and strolling hand-in-hand with a special someone? The decorations on Gay St and Krutch Park add the perfect Christmas touch to a movie at the Tennessee Theatre and a stroll with Hubby.

That sounds like a little bit of a Christmas miracle to me.

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