Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three RV and pop up camper makeover sites that inspire

I'm finding out that there are lots of ways to do a pop up camper makeover. Later this spring we are going to replace the inner curtains and cushion covers for something peppier. Everything about the camper is in great shape. It's not like we have to replace the floor underlayment. I simply want a fresher look.

To that end I've been looking at pop up camper makeover websites. Sometimes you just want to look at websites to confirm that a project can be done. For you DIY folks out there here are three sites that have some really cool ideas.

Common makeovers: Flooring
It turns out that the most common camper makeovers include replacing or upgrading the flooring, followed by window curtains, painting and wall paper. We've done everything except flooring at home so I'm pretty confident there.

However; I have not tried cushions or upholstery yet. The link below has me excited about that part of our upcoming camper makeover.

Recovering cushions
This lady painted her pop up camper and made new slipcovers for all of the cushions. Instead of floral, she went for a peppy makeover in prints and stripes. It brightened up the camper in a way that she and her family could enjoy. Her work inspired me with lots of ideas for covers and curtains.

Large rv makeovers
The makeover at is exciting. This couple did a full makeover on a larger rv. The posted Flickr photos that show how this ugly duckling camper turned into a swan. The couple is now embarking on a new leg of their journey. Their road less traveled starts with a new camper van makeover and there are plenty of ideas on the blog that will make your head spin.

DIY makeover inspiration for redoing just about everything
This blogger at How To Remodel RVs & Motorhomes Yourself has done an admirable job with camper makeover projects on two large RVs.  This is where I learned about the most common types of rv and pop up camper makeovers and came away with some snazzy camper makeover ideas.

It doesn't look like there is anything that can't be done. If complicated projects like gutting floors and other makeovers can be done in these rvs and campers then they can probably be done in mine. I can't wait til spring! Now to decide which camper project I want to tackle first.

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