Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three RV and pop up camper makeover sites that inspire

I'm finding out that there are lots of ways to do a pop up camper makeover. Later this spring we are going to replace the inner curtains and cushion covers for something peppier. Everything about the camper is in great shape. I'm interested in a fresher look, not floor underlayment or anything too complicated.

To that end I've been looking at pop up camper makeover websites and found some ideas. For you DIY folks out there here are three sites that have some really cool ideas.

The links have given me some ideas on how to get started. Let me know how you like the ideas by leaving a comment.( Check out the photos below for before and after photos of our camper makeover. Updated 12/14)

Recovering cushions
Peg's Gotta Do Instructions and photos show how the 12 camper cushions in this RV were recovered. The re-do involved new foam, a board, fabric and a staple gun. It's looks like a project that most people can tackle after the boards are cut (which can be done at Lowe's or Home Depot).

Awnings, curtains and cushions - Oh my!
Before and after photos at Jennifer Jangles at  Jennifer Jangles will have you wondering how she did it. Fortunately for us she included photos and directions.

DIY makeover inspiration for redoing just about everything
Photos at How To Remodel RVs & Motorhomes Yourself will make you wonder if you really are looking at a home on wheels. This blogger has redone not one, but two RVs.

I got loads of ideas away from SNAP Creativity. They have lots of pretty cool photos, but no instructions. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, this site will do it.

These sites make it look like there isn't anything that can't be done on a camper makeover. If complicated projects like gutting floors and other makeovers can be done in these rvs and campers then they can probably be done in mine.

Ta da! Here are the before and after photos of my pop-up camper. The old tired curtains were replaced, the couch cushions were recovered and a cushioned tablecloth added.

In this camper makeover, one of the curtains was originally placed upside down. I reworked it after the photo was taken.

The clunky brass handles on the cabinets were replaced with round porcelain ones from Lowes. Changing them out took about a minute each.

We removed the stove and converted the space to a bench. I had Lowe's cut the board for the cushion when the cabinet knobs were picked up. The bench cushion was mostly created in the same way that Peg's Gotta Do suggested.

The difference is that I wanted a reversible seat that could either be sat-upon or have something placed upon it. Fabric was wrapped to the edge of the board and stapled there instead of being secured to the back of the board.

My family is happy with the camper makeover. The experience that we gained is being put to good use as we create our camper van. We adore our pop-up camper, but I wanted something more maneuverable for mission trips or when it's just me, Hubby, Tomlin, and the open road.

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