Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Guest post by Bradly Watkins

Is it just me or are we a society that is obsessed with screen time? I mean, am I the only one that has caught themselves watching television, surfing the internet on their laptop and texting someone on their phone? That is screen overload! We are just so used to it.

The other day my son saw a you tube video window on our computer that had the triangle play button on the screen and he reached to push play with his finger. As if the computer was a touch screen. He is so used to using my I phone to watch videos and shows! I have began having unplugged screen free weekends for our family.

I pick at least one weekend a month where we don't use any screens or technology like TV, internet, game systems, or I phones. It gives us time to spend as a family actually looking at each other and talking! It is on this weekend that my children sleep like angels because they actually tire themselves out from playing.

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