Monday, December 12, 2011

Walt Disney World free buttons make celebrations special

When we booked our Walt Disney World vacation the travel agent asked what we were celebrating.  I didn't think anything about it and told her this would be an anniversary trip.

What she didn't tell me is that free celebration buttons are given out at Walt Disney World. The travel agent wanted us to be surprised at check-in and that's exactly what happened. (That just goes to show that you can't trust sneaky travel agents these days.)

Hubby and his anniversary button
We were given the buttons at check in. The cast member told us to wear the anniversary buttons in the parks and on Disney property.

According to him, the anniversary buttons would help make our vacation 'magical'. You know what? He was right.

At Pop Century Resort
The Disney magical anniversary moments began immediately. Every cast member that we came across wished us a happy anniversary.

We were greeted by staff in the Pop Century Resort lobby. We were greeted again on the way to our building and on the elevator ride up to our room.

Downtown Disney magical moment

The free buttons caused a stir at Downtown Disney. This area is filled with shops and stores that sell tempting souvenirs of all kinds. When I paid for my selection the cashier rang up the sale and handed me the telephone. I asked what was going on he just shrugged and said that I needed to take the call.

You can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a recording of ' Happy Anniversary to You'! The Walt Disney World cast member saw the anniversary buttons and triggered the recording. Then he repeated the process so Hubby could listen in on the call and we could have our picture taken. Little did we know that this was the beginning of many magical moments.

Dinner is one place where buttons for an anniversary, wedding or a birthday will land you free perks. We're not talking about cash or prizes here. The perks are the little things that the Walt Disney World cast members did to help make the trip special.  Each restaurant celebrated the occasion in a different way.

Crystal PalaceOne of Hubby's favorite dining experiences is at the Crystal Palace. Tigger and other Walt Disney World characters stop by each table so you can have a picture taken. We try to eat here on every Walt Disney World vacation.

This is where the cast members saw the buttons and sprinkled our table with character shaped confetti. They carefully shaped it in the form of a heart before seating us. The heart was the first thing we saw when we walk up.

At the end of the meal we received an anniversary card that was signed by each of the characters that we had seen.

Les Chefs de France dessert
Les Chefs de France
The free Disney anniversary buttons were also magical at the Les Chefs de France at Walt Disney World. It was at this France pavilion restaurant where the server placed half a strawberry and a lighted candle on the dessert for our anniversary.

This Walt Disney World restaurant is designed to replicate a German pub.It features a floor show with an MC, music and a chance for kids to do the polka.  We were wearing the buttons when the server gave her best wishes. The next thing we knew the MC recognized our anniversary and other birthdays from the floor. It was sweet.

Even bus drivers at Walt Disney World recognized the anniversary. The driver led the riders is a rousing rendition of 'Happy Anniversary to You'. This was followed by a song for the birthdays that people on board were celebrating.

These are just a few examples of the extra fun that the free buttons added to our anniversary. If you are celebrating any occasion at Walt Disney World be sure to tell a Disney cast member to get one of the buttons. The bright colored badges make can make a wedding celebration, anniversary or birthday extra special.

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