Sunday, December 04, 2011

You can now Blink at the Cracker Barrel in Athens, TN

Hubby and I thought we were seeing things when we went to dinner a few nights ago. We didn't know that the Cracker Barrel has installed a Blink car charging station at the Athens, TN location. It struck us as odd at first that an electrical vehicle charging station would be here. However, after more thought it makes perfect sense.

Blink car charging station
Americans are looking for better and more fuel efficient vehicles. That's causing more people to look into electric vehicles. Being able to conveniently charge an electric is a obstacle that is now being overcome. Blink and Cracker Barrel have solved the dilemma.

After all, what better time to charge your electric vehicle than when you are having dinner? And, what better place to have dinner than Cracker Barrel?

Blink car charging stations are being test marketed in 12 Tennessee restaurant locations.

These include Athens, Cleveland, Cookeville, Crossville, East Ridge, Farragut, Harriman, Kimball, Lebanon, Manchester, Murfreesboro, and Nashville. Another 12 Cracker Barrel charging stations will be added later.

Hopefully this is an idea that will catch on. If so, owning an electric vehicle may be the wave of the future. It would certainly make my travel cost a lot less and yours too.

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