Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beryl Spring in Yellowstone National Park awes

Talk about a hot bath! Beryl Spring is one of the hottest in Yellowstone National Park. The temperature stays around the boiling point no mater what time of year it is. Don't worry. You can't actually bathe it in. This Wyoming treasure is part of an active thermal site.

A series of boardwalks allow you to talk in the safer spots of Beryl Spring. Violent gases bubble up from deep below the ground that constantly supercharges the water.

To keep us safe and to protect the environment, the park has an admission fee. This helps maintain the boardwalk around the springs and to provide other services.

The National Park Service at Yellowstone is very picky about making sure you use the boardwalk. They have reason. One step off of the wooded path could have dangerous results.

Everything at Yellowstone National Park awes. Beryl Springs was so named because of the blue green color of the water. It is said to resemble the aquamarine type of gem called Beryl. This is just a tiny spot in an otherwise mammoth park.

Part of Yellowstone resembles an ocean. The waves are so large, that when they crash against the shore the spray goes up and onto the road. Visit another section of the park and suddenly you are standing on a lunar surface. Still another area blossoms with abundant wildlife among the verdant greenery.

The park is a colossal display of all that nature offers in North America. I don't think that visitors will ever be disappointed with this national park.

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