Friday, March 23, 2012

Cheap camping gear that campers can use

Cheap camping gear can be picked up at Wal-Mart,, thrift shops and from your own home. I enjoy camping but I hate hearing stories of newbies who spent hundreds on unnecessary items. Use cheap camping gear, decide if sleeping outdoors is right for you, and then upgrade the equipment later.

Tents can be borrowed from friends or purchased inexpensively. Don't skimp but don't spend hundreds of dollars. Amazon has cheap camping gear and helpful reviews.

Pay attention to tent size and how many people it will hold. Even cheap camping gear tents should have folded seams, a large waterproof rainfly and heavy zippers.

Place a tent sized tarp underneath the tent to keep out dew and moisture. Even a cheap tarp should last for the first few camping trips. These can be picked up at home improvement stores or discount stores.

After these two items the cost drops dramatically. Much of the equipment falls either into the cheap camping gear category or is already in your home. For example:

  • Use a comforter instead of buying a sleeping bag.
  • Air mattresses are helpful but optional. (Walmart is usually fairly cheap.)
  • Don't buy special camping cookware utensils, gear or plates. Truly cheap gear comes from home or a thrift shop.
  • Skip the special seasoning container. Put bottles that you already own in a zip style bag.

There isn't any reason to spend hundreds of dollars before heading to the campground the first few times. These pieces of cheap camping gear are enough to get a newbie started. Spend the savings on gas or food. Even better, splurge on a larger memory card for your digital camera.

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