Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fiji weddings; all inclusive packages may be a dream come true

Fiji. The name conjures up images of an island paradise. You dream of lazy afternoons walking on the beach. You feel the warm sand under your feet and cool blue water swirling about your ankles and then, you wake up. Slowly, the thoughts of a Fiji vacation recede to become a remote and distant dream.

Some people are content to leave it at that. Others start checking and discover that Fiji all inclusive resorts can help turn the dream into a once-in-a-lifetime reality. The packages help keep costs in check by including meals, activities and even transfers. Fiji vacation packages take the stress out of planning so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Here we are
bridal veil shopping with Sam.
My daughter and I were discussing Fiji just a few days ago. We are in the middle of planning her wedding. We have the gown, the bridesmaids dresses and their gifts. It wasn't until last week that we had the venues for the wedding and reception nailed down. Flowers, food and decorations are still being worked out.

Another detail is that the venue for the rehearsal dinner is still to be determined. Thank goodness that the groom's family does that! Sam and her guy are students so a Fiji honeymoon probably isn't in the picture. They can save up to make that an anniversary trip. What a getaway that would be!

I've been spending quite a bit of time reading up on weddings. Did you know that all the details of Fiji weddings can be arranged before you arrive?

All that the bride and groom have to do is show up, say the vows and be pronounced 'married'. The details can all be worked out by the staff at Namale in Fiji. In fact, this resort has received recognition as a Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice Winner for 2012.

If my elder daughter ever marries, we're definitely going to talk about fiji. If staff there can make planning weddings go smoothly then I'm all for it.  

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