Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mardi Growl dog friendly event photos 2012

Mardi Growl in Knoxville, Tennessee is set for March 3, 2012. The event runs from 11 AM - 2 PM on Market Square Mall. If you have a dog and haven't been to Mardi Growl this may be the year to go.

My daughter, Tomlin and I attended last year. We met my daughter's future husband in the free parking in the State Street Garage before walking over to Mardi Growl. Knoxville may have gone to the dogs but we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

There was a parade of of pooches and each one was smartly dressed in Mardi Gras splendor. We didn't participate but I couldn't help but appreciate those who did. Purple, green and gold was everywhere! 

Mardi Growl in Knoxville also has a serious side. Microchipping was available for $10. You can see in the photos that Tomlin (our dog) was not appreciative. In the end, he tolerated things okay and the microchipping was done. Impressively, it took the tech less than a second to place the microchip. Having help from future son-in-law and my other daughter went a long way toward holding him still.

Is your pet vaccinated against rabies? If not, Mardi Growl offers another huge bargain. This simple shot goes a long way to protecting everyone against the disease. Rabies vaccinations are also only $10. It's a offer that you can't refuse.

Pet products and samples are also available. There were a variety of booths with all of doggone good things. Tomlin picked up a pet treat here and there. I was able to pick information. We all stopped by Rita's Water Ice before we headed for home.

Mardi Growl is held rain or shine. Proceeds benefit the Young-Williams Animal Shelter. Find out more about the event at www.young-williams.org. Don't forget. If you see me be sure to say hello. I'll be visiting the event again this year.  

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  1. Cute pooches. The photos make you want to be there.