Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megabus and kids; travel tips for parents with children

First let me say how much I enjoy riding Megabus overall. The affordable and comfortable bus line is my top choice for trips from Knoxville to see my daughter in Washington, D.C. The bus line also popular for students, retirees. I am also noticing an increase in kids and parents riding the Megabus. These road trips can be a great experience for parents who prepare their kids.

Megabus in Union Station, D.C.
Gayle Crabtree 2011
However, for unprepared kids a Megabus road trip can be frustrating. I have traversed the country with kids in tow several times and know how rewarding road trips can be. These tips from my experience, Kids and other experts, can help make a Megabus trip with kids more enjoyable for everyone.
About Megabus
This is a curbside bus service without terminals. This cuts the overhead and allows Megabus to offer the low cost travel. Tickets on each trip can be as low as $1.00 plus a .50 booking fee. By booking early, I have personally purchased seats for $1.00 and 3.00 and can vouch for the affordability.

Megabus offers helpful perks that parents with kids can appreciate. The onboard bathroom can be a plus for families. WI-FI and electrical outlets at each seat can help keep kids plugged in and entertained.

Kids under 17 may not ride without an adult. A ticket for the adult is also requiqred as are companies for people with disabilities. This is pretty clear on the Megabus policy.

Tickets; who needs one
Each rider must have a ticket but that's not so bad. We have found that the low Megabus fees put purchasing tickets for each family member within reach. Booking early to snag those $1 tickets really helps! read more..

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