Saturday, January 21, 2012

Megabus hints and tips for parents

Here are a few more hints and tips for parents. If you are a new rider (or a frequent rider) these tips can help you maximize your experience. I have found them to be personally helpful and hope that you will too.

When to arrive at the Megabus bus stop
Megabus suggests that riders arrive 15 minutes before departure. Maybe that's adequate for some stops but not on the routes that I have taken. Learn from my fail, get there at least 30 minutes before departure. All of the seats on the bus are 'first come, first served'. Getting there 30 minutes early gives you a better chance at the prime seats

How to keep kids occupied at the bus stop
Families with children can pass time by pointing out the surroundings. Make a game out of counting the buses. See if the kids can make a sentence by starting each word with the spelling of Megabus. Have them count how many signs they see or talk about what they'll see on the highway. Snacks and books may also be helpful.

Preparing for the road trip
Bring activities that will keep kids entertained. Videos and MP3 players are great. Plan for a back-up just in case the electricity or WI-FI is out. This is another time when snacks and drinks for kids may help.

Megabus stop in Knoxville, TN 
Parents please, watch your children
I cannot stress this enough. I've seen parents who allowed their children to roam the bus aisles. Really, this can be a hazard to everyone. Plus, kids on the top floor may need help getting to the lower level bathroom. 

The Megabus is a moving vehicle and kids should never be allowed to distract the bus driver If you wouldn't allow a particular behavior in your family mini-van please don't allow it on Megabus.

There may only be a window of 15 minutes or less for breaks. Watching the kids makes sure that everyone boards and allows for prompt departure. With these tips in mind, Megabus can be a viable road trip option for parents with kids.

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