Sunday, January 08, 2012

Movie and popcorn are a bargain at Carmike Movies 7

It's been years since I've been to Carmike Movies 7 in the Windsor Square Shopping center. I don't have anything against the area, it's just that moving away will do that to you. Moving closer to the sites and sounds of Knoxville is enabling my family to get reacquainted with old stomping grounds.

Older daughter and I recently caught up with friends there. I was pleasantly surprised that a movie and popcorn are a bargain at Carmike Movies 7. Our cost for two tickets, a large popcorn and two drinks was a whopping $12. Granted, the last time that I was here the movies were around a buck but that's been awhile.

The theater is a spiffier now than my mind remembers it. Black and white tiles and bold colors make the concession area pop. It looks and feels more modern. Not everything has changed completely. The carpet could use a makeover and sometimes the sound from the next theater arrives as an uninvited guest that tries to steal the show.

Those are small inconveniences for the movie and popcorn bargain that the Carmike Movies 7 provides. An evening spent catching up with friends is worth any price. Tossing in a $12 movie, popcorn and drink deal for two and the pot becomes all the sweeter.

Thanks Liz and Alex, for a fun evening of good company!

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