Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Eye-Fi experience

Had it worked, the Eye-Fi is almost a cool gadget. I planned on enjoying it and looked forward to using the product with my Fuji 18X superzoom. The idea behind the Eye-Fi is that you would insert the souped up SD card into the computer and load the software. Then, it would fit into the camera card slot. Pictures would be magically transported to your camera through your WI-Fi network.

The first problem is that the Eye-Fi sort-of worked initially and then went on a permanent vacation. Files to forever to transfer, were hard to delete and difficult to find on my netbook when the photos did transfer.

The second problem is that the card was expensive.

I paid nearly $50 for the gadget. I have spent hours researching the problem online, trying to download updates and re-installing software.

This product has caused me hours of headache and hair pulling frustration. I've had it awhile and am unimpressed. Newer versions of the Eye-Fi are out.

Hopefully the new versions work better. It's good if they do but I won't be trying them.

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