Saturday, January 21, 2012

Picnik online photo editing set to close April 19

Picnik online photo editing is set to close in April 19, 2012. I just received an email from Picnick. It's sad to say goodbye to a friend. I've used this site to tweak, resize and reconfigure photos for over a year now. It does a lot that other programs don't do.

Picnik Takeout has been developed to download photos to desktop before the close. Photos are placed in zip files that can easily be opened later. There is also the option to move photos to Google+ and share the pictures online there.

Refunds will be distributed to current Premium members. There isn't word on exactly when the $24.95 refunds will be received.  However, the company did say that the refunds would be processed within the week.

To soften the blow, Picnik is making it's premium services available for free until the close on April 19, 2012. This means that you can add textures, touch-up and use all of the advanced options to your heart's content - until the closure.

Creative Kit has been added to Google+.
Photo effects can be found there now and after the Picnik closes. I just came from visiting it and am having a little trouble figuring things out. It may become clearer later when I've had more time to explore the features.

Picnick has developed the Help Hub to help us through the close process. Up to the minute information will be available on the Picnik blog.

The Picnik close makes me sad. I liked the comments that came up as the opening page was loading about the grass, the picnic baskets and the summer breeze. The option to create in Gooogle+ sounds intriguing I'm still sorry for a service to close that I enjoy.

All I can say now is, may Picnik rest in peace after the close. You will be missed.

Some of my Yellowstone photos were edited with Picnik
Photos taken with the new Fujifilm camera 18X Superzoom 

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