Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Things to see and do in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Somehow, I missed writing about Spruce Pine earlier in the year. Our family went shopping here when we visited Roan Mountain State Park in Tennessee. It was a pretty day and we were in the mood to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stopping at Spruce Pine, NC was a no-brainer. It's about 45 minutes or so from the campground and is just off  Hwy. 19E. (From the Blue Ridge Parkway take exit 331.)

The Wal-Mart there was a good place to pick up supplies and everyone was friendly. There are also a number of cute crafts shops and some antique stores. Restaurants include everything from BBQ to a fine dining restaurant.

One of the more interesting aspects of Spruce Pine is the geological significance of the area. Feldspar, mica and quartz are mined in the area. These minerals are important in the manufacture of glass, computer semiconductors and even metallic paint for cars.

Spruce Pine has the reputation for being a fun winter destination. It's not far from Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors don't need to have special lessons or bring a lot of equipment. This family owned  business has everything you need. The website has all of the details about Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing.

Our stop here turned out to be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. We'll probably stop in the next time we're camping at Roan Mountain and might even make Spruce Pine our destination. Some of the campgrounds sound tempting. The link above has the 411 on places to stay.

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