Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Three Appalachian Trail blogs

Blogs have caught my attention ever since I stood on the Appalachian Trail. You don't have to hike forever to enjoy this footpath. There are numerous trailheads that are close the to the road. All you have to do is park, walk and enjoy.

A handful of people will hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail like these three people did and keep blogs of their adventure. These hardy souls are called 'through hikers'.

It takes months to follow the Appalachian Trail through from end to end and almost the same amount of time to gather supplies for the outdoors. Hiking gear, camping supplies and sleeping bags have to be purchased that will last for the entire trip.

Most of the rest of us will enjoy the  Appalachian Trail for much shorter periods and will need less in the way of outdoor equipment. Day hikes, afternoon hikes and short walks are all refreshing. Most require hiking boots or a sturdy pair of shoes, a bottle or two of water and a tube of bug-repellent sunscreen.

Here are a couple of blogs about the Appalachian Trail that you might find interesting.
Advice, stories and photos are the name of the game at this forum. It is a good place to learn and absorb information. The fellow hikers all seem to be friendly and eager to help each other.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
No blog guide is complete without this one. From facts to history and terrain maps this is the first place to look for information.

These three blogs tell their own story about life on the hike. When reading the blogs, it is easy to see how each person who writes is changed by the trail in some way. I think that each one of the blogs are worth a look for different reasons. If you decide to hike the AT have fun and be safe. Bloggers are welcome to leave a comment below and link to the blogs that tell your stories.

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