Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knoxville restaurant week returns for 2012

Knoxville Restaurant Week is back for a second year. From February 26- March 2, 2012, diners can choose from a select menu at some of the top restaurants in Knoxville. The menus offer three course meals for a fixed price of either $25 or $35 per person.

Hubby and I tried a couple of places during Knoxville Restaurant Week last year. I'm not sure that I would have gotten around to trying the Melting Pot if it had not been for their participation. It's one of those places that we talked about trying for a special occasion. We just hadn't made time for it yet.

Restaurant week was the incentive we needed to go. It is a very different type of dining experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I'm happy to say that the Melting Pot is on my list of places that demands a return visit.

All we had to do was:
1. Choose the restaurant
2. Make reservations for Knoxville restaurant week
3. Arrive and choose from the fixed price menu
4. Relax and enjoy

This year, Hubby and I have decided to forgo our usual Valentine's Day dinner. We're going to put those dollars toward trying one of the places on the list. Not only do we get more bang for the buck but our purchase benefits charity.

During Knoxville Restaurant Week, $5 from every meal purchased goes to benefit the Second Harvest Food bank. Funding for all charities almost dried up when the economy tanked. Even though things are better, I'm pretty sure that the Second Harvest Food Bank can use the money.

There are so many tempting choices! We haven't decided which eatery to try yet but I'll post a review of our experience after the visit. The list for Knoxville Restaurant Week is online. Are you going to participate? If so, which one are you thinking about and why? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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