Monday, February 06, 2012

Megabus announces Knoxville to Nashville and Memphis route

There is more good news in the travel transportation category. Megabus just announced their new Knoxville to Nashville and on to Memphis route. Many riders are familiar with the service to Christiansburg, VA and on to Washington, D.C.

Megabus at Union Station in Washington, D.C.
I've blogged about my experiences with Megabus before here on You've Been Reviewed.

My journeys have been largely successful and the new route definitely has my interest. After seeing the online route map, the routes to Atlanta, Orlando and other cities in the southeast also have my interest.

Megabus uses social media sites, blogs and other online means as a way to gauge potential interest in new routes. The company heard the buzz from people who were interested and responded by opening several new routes including the Knoxville / Nashville / Memphis route.

One of the best things about Megabus is the low cost. Some seats on every route are as low as $1.

As with airlines, riders have the best chance of getting the low cost tickets by booking early. WI-FI, on board bathrooms and electrical outlets help add value to the bus trip. Business travelers can ride with little down time, students and young people can stay attached to their virtual friends.

It is important that riders understand that the WI-FI perks may not work. Parents on Megabus may need to plan ahead. A few snacks and games for kids always make a road trip go by faster.

Megabus says that they will try to offer these services but do not guarantee them. Terrain, the number of users and other factors can negatively impact the quality and availability of the signal and electricity. Refunds won't be given if these services are not working.However; for seats as cheap as these are, I'm willing to take the risk.

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