Friday, February 17, 2012

Tennessee driving trails and scenic byways

Tennessee travelers are fortunate to have tons of driving trails and scenic byways for that special road trip. These are perfect for getaways that are 'off the beaten path'. Some byways, like the Cherhola Skyway and the East Tennessee Crossing have been around for awhile and are well known.

Newer driving trails include the White Lighting and Sunnyside trails in East Tennessee. These commemorate the sunny side of life in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg plus a few other towns and counties. 

The White Lightning trail begins in Knoxville and goes into Cumberland Gap, Newport and several spots along the way. It also goes past the Shady Grove Meadery in Norris.

The Tanasi driving trail begins in Chattanooga and takes travelers through many Cherokee sites of interest. It goes through several counties in the southeastern portion of the state.

Driving along the Tennessee Heritage Trail introduces travelers to some of our state history. Other driving trails take visitors along the Walking Tall Trail, Natchez Trace and other parts of our state.

A full list of driving trails is on the website for the Tn Trails and Byways. Each one is clearly marked. Look for the signs that show the mockingbird above the highway signs. Other markers include signs that read 'Sunnyside', 'White Lighting' (as pictured) and others. 

Many of the trails are a short day trip from most of the major cities in the state. Find out more about them by clicking the links above. They allow visitors the chance to become familiar with some of the lesser known areas that are packed with culture, heritage and road trip experiences to last a lifetime. 

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