Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things to do in Santa Barbara

After reminiscing about one of our family road trips, I decided to look up things to do in Santa Barbara, California. We drove across the country from Tennessee into part of California but didn't make it into Santa Barbara. This is a shame. There seems to lots of things to do there. Here are a three attractions that I found.

Welcome to California vacation photo
The Zoo
After finding vacation rentals in Santa Barbara the next stop should be the zoo. It's world famous, cares for endangered animals and has an ocean view. It's one of the family friendly things to do in Santa Barbara that we would have to do first.
Contact the zoo:
500 NiƱos Drive, 93103
Phone: (805) 962-5339

The Beach
Need I say more? When looking at things to do in Santa Barbara, the beach is a no-brainer. This town isn't called the 'American Rivera' for nothing. There are several beaches and over 50 parks to choose from. It is always romantic to walk along the ocean and hold hands with Hubby. There isn't anything better than being on the beach together. We spend time picking up seashells, talking and just enjoy spending time with just the two of us.

Natural History
The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is just beyond the Old Mission (That's yet another thing to see and do in Santa Barbara). Aquariums and science museums are always fascinating to me. This natural history museum has a sea center, space lab and even a planetarium. Exhibition halls include information on the Chumash Indians, blue whales, minerals, mammals and there are also art exhibits. The museum is one of the things to do that just sounds cool.
2559 Puesta del Sol Road, 93105
Phone: 805.682.4711

So, of all the things there are to do in Santa Barbara, which would you choose?  

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  1. Cali is like really cool. Where haven't you been? Jasie