Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day love is in the air almost everywhere

Valentine's Day gets more fun every year. I swear that love floated on the breeze at some points during the day. Part of what makes the day fun is all the little things that restaruants are doing. Restaurants and florists usually always offer specials but it seems like everyone is trying to pull business in this year.

I just got a text that Sonic is getting in on the action. If you have subscribed to their text messaging service then you probably received a bogo offer for a milkshake. Dunkin Donuts is offering heart shaped confections today and I received and unconfirmed report that at least one Bojangles was serving up heart shaped biscuits. Plus, other restaurants and florists were also offering specials.

Qdoba had the most unique promotion that I've heard yet. Customers who bring in someone to kiss at the cash register can get BOGO on certain items. Newlyweds should take note. You may have to exercise self-control at the register. The promotion says one kiss will do it.

Even the counter at my doctor's office was lined with flowers. I think that these offers are sweet and fun. However, most seven year olds will disagree. I swear I heard at least one kid proclaim 'cooties' as he fled out the door.

Oh well, I'm not seven so I can sit back and enjoy the fun. Valentine's Day is but once a year but true love is year round. But still, it's nice to have an especially romantic day even if it is just once a year. 

Have a happy day!

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