Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wedding planning and honeymoon

Wedding planning is still going on in full force. I never knew that anything could be so much fun and be so intense at the same time. The kids have nailed down a venue, caterer, wedding cake designer and D.J. The gown and bridesmaids dresses are in the fitting process. Flowers are decided upon. We have the location of the bridesmaids luncheon selected and booked. I'm picking up decorating items and ideas from everywhere.

It may sound like much of the work is complete but we still have a long way to go. The honeymoon is the next big hurdle. I've written about some of the possible locations before. My daughter and her fiance are not taking anything off of the table and are looking at all options.

Finding the best travel deal is at the top of their necessity list. Like every engaged couple, my daughter and future son-in-law want to have that perfect honeymoon. They want an experience that will top all of the other experiences in their lifetimes. And like every other engaged couple, my daughter and fiance are being smacked in the head by reality.

The kids are both scouring the internet to see what kinds of deals and promos that they can find. Both of them are looking at destinations, rental cars and attractions. Southwest Airlines promotional codes are especially good because the airline flies to so many different cities.

In fact, Southwest Airlines have carried more passengers than any other United States airline since 2006. A track record like this one is reassuring to anyone who is planning a honeymoon. Such a high number of travelers may indicate a good level of customer service. (We all know how rare it is to have good customer service these days!)

The disappointing part about the airline is that it does not fly into Knoxville. My daughter will have to either fly or drive from here to Atlanta. Depending on where they decide to go, the extra time spent traveling will shorten the length of the honeymoon. The extra travel will definitely make any Southwest Airlines promotional codes even more important.

Honeymoon destinations that have been discussed include both international and domestic possibilities. Nashville is an international airport and the new Megabus route can help them arrive at the airport for less money than they can drive it.

The honeymoon isn't the responsibility of the bride's parents but that doesn't lessen our excitement or stress. Our responsibility is the trousseau and helping her make selections. Compared to the shopping, then it could well that the honeymoon decisions are the easiest. We'll see.  

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