Monday, March 26, 2012

After School

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I’ve noticed that when I pick up my 4 year old daughter from preschool every day, she is not in the mood to talk. If I ask her how her day was, or ask her questions about her day, she responds really short and grumpily. I think she is just spent from having to be “on” all day, relating to the teacher and her peers. I can totally relate. I feel that way at the end of the days when I am on call for work and have to go in. It can be exhausting being out in the world. I’ve tried to be supportive of her need for “zone out” time, and have shifted our afternoon schedule so that we can just go straight home, have a snack, and watch a show onTN Satellite TV. Usually she watches something calm and soothing, like Little Bear. After about an hour, she is back to herself, ready to play and interact with the family. I am glad I figured out this need of hers.

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