Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Choosing accidental travel insurance policy for my daughter

I'm now online looking for accidental travel insurance and other options that may help. My daughter is doing it again. We were informed that she wants to go back to Africa this summer. A class from her university is going and she has been invited to go along with them. (It's not like she is also getting married and going on a honeymoon or anything.)

My hope is to find a company that we can use to cover both trips. However, I'm not as worried about canceled flights as I am in getting her home if something was to go horribly wrong. Finding the right policy is a challenge. Did you know that several different types of accidental travel insurance and student travel insurance are available? Each one has pros, cons and most of them us confusing jargon.

Here is what I want
1. By purchasing an accidental travel insurance policy we will know exactly what is (or isn't) covered.
2. Telephone contact
If she were to become injured on her trip I want the reassurance of a calm voice on a telephone that can tell me what to do. Because one thing is for sure. I probably won't be calm.
3. Adequate coverage
After all, it's my daughter that we're talking about.
4.  Reasonable cost
The price can vary hugely between the different companies. Sometimes there is a big difference among the different levels of coverage within the same company.
5. A policy that I can understand.
Don't give me an accidental travel insurance policy that was written by the office of Gobbled E. Gook. I want a clear and understandable policy.

It looks like John Hancock, Travel Guard and FrontierMEDEX Group are possibilities. My credit card has some coverage and so does AAA. We'll be checking into all of those and probably a few more.

My daughter says that I worry too much. Whenever and wherever she travels, I just want her to come home safely whether she has accidental travel insurance or not. Besides, when can you worry too much about your child? Married or not, she's still my little girl and that's just the way it is.

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