Friday, March 02, 2012

Etowah, McMinn County tornado missed my family. We are okay.

We are all okay here. Thank you to everyone for the calls, text messages and tweets. When storms like the one that produced the possible tornado in Etowah, TN (McMinn County) come through we all need to check on family and friends. I'm glad to know that the phone calls are being made and I am proud of each person who is doing that.

(New update 3/5/12)
Etowah tornado video from a NewsChannel9 viewer is impressive. On YouTube, video was captured by daemondreggs and filyaw1985 picked up video footage of some of the damage.

Original story continued...

My husband is calling to check on a few people. I just wanted to come onto the blog and thank everyone. This  blog posts automatic updates to Facebook and Twitter. Posting here seemed to be the best way to  contact everyone at the same time.

We just went through Skywarn training from the National Weather Service. That training is extremely valuable in times like the Etowah tornado, flash floods and severe storms. I cannot recommend the training highly enough! If you get the chance to take it, do so.

I cannot close this blog entry out without sending a prayer up for those who are effected by the tornado in Etowah, TN and elsewhere. May God bring you comfort and strength.

More storms like this one are possibly coming in tonight. Please go to to learn what you need to do to prepare. Create a family plan so everyone can be in contact in case you get separated.

Stay safe!

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