Friday, March 02, 2012

Fireworks Superstore in Caryville, TN is tacky but fun

The Fireworks Superstore in Caryville, Tennessee is a fun stop for the family. If you are coming from Kentucky, it's just a few miles across the line at I-75 exit 141. This huge Titan Rocket mock-up entices tourists to visit the store.  Inside are the promised fireworks, fudge and souvenir items.

The Titan Rocket is surrounded by an abandoned Ferris Wheel, pink elephants and some plywood characters. It's a tacky spot but fun for taking photos.

Even though the Fireworks Superstore is in Caryville, the exit is labeled Huntsville. Don't let that throw you. The Titan Rocket is on the north side of I-75. You can't miss it.

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