Friday, March 16, 2012

Hubby wants a television set

Well, after blissfully living without television for a few years Hubby dropped the bombshell tonight. After we pay for our daughter's big white wedding, he wants a TV. We used to have one. He misses it and he wants another one. It's rational but I'd rather take the money and travel.

Mind you, I'm not anti-television. It's just that I have neither the time or inclination to watch it. Icky news reports are not enticing and the internet carries the most up-to-date weather information. Except for the Travel Channel, Hulu and Netflix suit me for everything else and work on my schedule.

Would you like to know how many years it's been since we bought a tv? We picked up a used one a few years ago at a yard sale. It only needed a remote and worked great until the broadcast signals changed awhile back. In all my travel destinations, I never could remember to pick up one of those converter box things before they disappeared.

Without a box our tv became useless. We kicked it to the curb before we moved to our current home. It sat there for almost hour before the big 'FREE' sign on it caught someone's attention. The guy who stopped had a converter box and a couple of tv stands but no tv. It was the ideal match.

The problem is that although I've been happy, Hubby has been dreaming of a newer and bigger tv than ever. Where we'll put it and when we'll get it is anyone's guess. Next he'll probably want cable. Then he'll want one in the travel trailer. After that he'll want one in his truck and in my PT Cruiser!

I have to draw the line at putting one in the PT Cruise with no worries.  I simply travel too much for it to be in the driveway long enough for a tv to be installed. For once,  it looks like that's a good thing.

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