Monday, March 26, 2012

My daughter's wedding; a planning update

Tonight, I was reminded about giving a wedding update on my daughter. She went to Davids Bridal for the fitting on her wedding gown a few days ago. As you can imagine, she was very excited! I promised her that I would not say anything publicly about the gown until after the wedding. So, let me just assure you that my daughter is going to be the most beautiful bride that I have ever laid eyes upon and we'll leave it at that.

Daisy wedding cake that I made for a friend.
The bridesmaids dresses also came from Davids Bridal. They are a very deep chocolate and will coordinate nicely with the sunflowers that my daughter chose for the reception.

The color of the dresses match the center color of the sunflowers perfectly. To me, it seemed like an odd choice for the wedding but the colors actually work pretty well together.

It took forever to decide upon a venue. Instead of using the church in Athens they have selected an alternative site in Knoxville. It's a lovely old church that has been in use since the mid-century. Hubby grew up there. His great grandparents lived next to it and his grandparents lived a few doors down. My daughter's wedding will mark the 5th generation to be involved with this particular church. The deep family roots help make the venue
even more special.

I am having a lot of fun planning her wedding. With just over two months to go, we're counting the days. It's hard for me to believe that my baby girl is getting married. The bridesmaids luncheon is in about two weeks at one of my favorite Knoxville restaurants. Check back here to find out how it goes. You will want to hear about the restaurant we chose.

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