Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Original KFC, Harland Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky

Here is a shot from the original Kentucky Fried Chicken; Harland Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky. My daughter and I spent a little over an hour there this past summer. Nothing is quite like the nostalgic feel of dining in a 1940s museum. The kitchen where the food is now cooked is modern, but most of the rest of the place has been carefully preserved as the Harland Sanders Cafe aka 'original KFC'.

The food lines are in front of you as you walk in. It's the pretty standard menu. Fried Chicken like no one but KFC makes it, slaw, mashed potatoes, soda. Nothing special. Just good food.

Step into the dining area and that's where the museum experience begins. It is the original dining room of the Harland Sanders Cafe. The walls and floor are of a polished dark wood and you can see the original kitchen where the KFC chicken recipe was developed.

The Original KFC museum has several exhibits. I got a kick out of hearing a dad explain why the telephone was on the wall and why there weren't any buttons on it! The phone still works but is only set up for local calls.

Another one of the exhibits is a pomegranate patterned china set (circa 1955) . These pieces are from the last set of cafe china that was used in  the Harland Sanders Cafe. Other china, photos and barrels that held seasoning are also on exhibit.

Colonel Harland Sanders is forever remembered for his famous fried chicken and less so for his motor court. When he upgraded the cafe in 1940 he built a motel room in the cafe so families could see a room before renting one. The room by Harland Sanders is still viewed today.
It is not hard to find. I-75 exit 29, head south on 25 East for 1 mile, then right on 25 West for a half mile. Stop at the yellow sign that reads Harland Sanders Cafe or when you spot the tall, modern KFC sign. There is also a historic marker in front of the building.  Parking is plentiful. The Harland Sanders Cafe is open from 10am - 10pm. It was a fun place to stop on a summer day.

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