Saturday, March 03, 2012

Storm damage scattered throughout East Tennessee and elsewhere

If you live in East Tennessee you already know about the tornado and storms from yesterday. The storms that were predicted didn't materialize in our area. Flooding will be the next problem that we'll need to be careful about.

There isn't a county in East Tennessee that doesn't have low lying creeks and streams that overflow on a regular basis. Be careful in these areas. If you have family traveling in to help with clean-up tell them about any flood prone areas that may be on their route.

Everyone who travels the roadways in East Tennessee will want to be sure to be drive carefully. The National Weather Service campaign is 'Turn around. Don't drown'. That sums it up.

Below are links to a couple of local news stations. Take a look at them before you drive in East Tennessee. Most areas are perfect but these links will let you know about the few areas that aren't.

McMinn County suffers heavy damage following Fridays storms

May God comfort the grieving and provide help to all those who need it as a result of these storms and others. Amen.

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