Sunday, March 04, 2012

Welcome to Macon, Georgia; rest area sign

Hubby and I saw this at the rest area for Macon, Georgia. We thought it was cute and had some fun with it. Unfortunately, no one was nearby that we could ask to take a photo of both of the two of us. I don't know who had the idea to create this but it was a good one. There is no way that you can forget about stopping in Macon.

Macon is on the way to Hubby's favorite place on earth - Walt Disney World. It's a safe bet that we'll be going through the town again. When we do, we may have to stop in town to see what else it has to offer. If this sign is any indication, seeing Macon will be a fun stop.

Here are a couple of places that we visited on our last trip through. You might just want to check out these links.

Fried Green Tomatoes movie set; Juliette, Georgia
Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

Both of these stops are close to each other. Neither are far from Macon, Georgia. Visiting both of them took half a day. I would allow a full day to see Macon, visit the movie set of Fried Green Tomatoes and visit the wildlife refuge. It should be a fun experience.