Wednesday, March 28, 2012

West Plaza Inns and Suites loses license, Too much ocean breeze?

West Plaza Inns and Suites in Farragut loses its operating licence. As of today, the website for the Tennessee  motel shows happy children playing on the beach, an oceanfront meeting and photos of a luxurious breakfast.
The site welcomes you and entices you to come, stay and play.

Until arrival, some customers may never suspect that the website of West Plaza Inns and Suites in Farragut could be the stuff of pipe dreams and cloak and dagger deception.

The reality is much different than the sales job indicates. Not only is the  hotel is hundreds of miles from the ocean, but WBIR reports that the West Plaza Inns and Suites has the distinction of being the first in Tennessee to lose its operating license. Roaches, bed bugs and no washing detergent for the sheets are a few of the reasons that were cited.

Then, if the not bizarre enough the story becomes even more strange. The West Plaza Inns and Suites in Farragut did not just lose it's license.

The marketing team seems to have lost its collective mind. Among other inaccuracies, the website claims the hotel is  'near to... Memphis and Lynchburg'. (This map shows puts the driving time between Lynchburg and Farragut at under four hours.)

Jet Patel, the hotel owner says he did not know that things were that bad and has lawyered up in response. His attorney Stephen H. Byrd tells us that the owner wants to fix up the property and get the West Plaza Inns and Suites open again. According to him it will be the 'cleanest in the state' when the work is finally completed. I hope so, but at the same time I have to wonder if all the oceanfront air is getting to the owner.

Updated note 3/28/12 at 6:55 pm: A reader asked why the shots above take you to the website. They will be linked for awhile so readers can peruse the site in its full ridiculousness. To see the shots of the West Plaza Inns and Suites for themselves, Chrome users can right click on the graphic and choose 'open graphic in new tab'. Hope this clears things up.

A savvy blog reader let us know that the links to the site are broken. We hope that this is good news. The screenshots  should open in a new window for larger viewing. 4/6/12