Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Knoxville tourism websites

Do you know where to find Knoxville tourism websites? I get asked this question a lot. In addition to this blog there are several good resources. Here are a few of my favorites:

Knoxville Tourism and Sports does a wonderful job with this one. It is one of my go-to sites for general information. Lots of things can change with listings. Specific details still need to come from the venue or event themselves. This is still one of the best sites to use when you want to find Knoxville tourism information online.

Love it! Our local newspaper is chock full of great information. Sometimes to the stories come out the day of (or day after) an event. Look in the community section called Your News to find out what's on tap around
the city.

City of Knoxville
This site is great to help you find Knoxville tourism information online. It's also the perfect place to find out where to park for downtown events, closures, openings and lots of details about the city. This Knoxville website has the scoop on all parks, pet friendly patio dining or other events and lots of details about visiting Knoxville.

Although it is not tourism information, visitors may benefit from perusing this site. The deals that are offered also give tourists an idea of what types of restaurants are in Knoxville. It's another way to find out about the tourist opportunities in Knoxville.

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