Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why I review car insurance quotes when spring cleaning

To me, spring cleaning is more than sprucing up our home. It's time to compare car insurance quotes or at least review our insurance policy. I do a lot of traveling in the summer and always feel better after reviewing the policy.

It only takes a few minutes to get quotes and the results can make me happy. Two years ago, I found out that a speeding ticket dropped from my record and so did part of the monthly car insurance premium 

We moved last spring and I'm always anxious about what it will do to the car insurance. This past year I received a happy surprise. The car insurance quotes for the new address were lower that what we had been paying. More motorists carry insurance in our new town, than in the previous one. It turns out that reduces the cost for everyone.

I also review our AAA membership in the spring. There are several levels of membership. It's not exactly a car insurance quote, but it pays to review coverage before travel season. Instead of blindly paying premiums I decided to go talk with an agent. Was that ever a good move! Adding RV coverage only added $30 to the price. For me, travel season and summer vacation made adding the coverage a no-brainer.

Reviewing policies and getting annual car insurance quotes help. A few dollars saved here, means a few dollars more in the gas tank. Or, in the case of my travel passion, it means being able to put a few more miles on the car. The open road is always calling my name. I have to take another road trip like our little Etowah drive.

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