Thursday, April 12, 2012

Affordable art makes a unique travel souvenirs

Our repaint on the kitchen is coming along slowly. We are going from a yellow-tinted cream to a deep rich brick color. To further accentuate the room, we on the lookout for some affordable art while on one of our road trips.

I began the travel theme while working on the dining room. At the time, table that we had came from a thrift shop. It was sturdy but needed some heavy work. I knew that the top needed to be covered and our travel brochures from our road trips were perfect for the job!

We also took an old map book and cut that down along with outdated state maps that we picked up. I made sure to have something that would commemorate each of our big road trips. Alaska, Colorado, Montana and Florida were covered along with everything in between.

Next, I added the travel brochures. We have taken a lot of road trips so there was plenty to choose from. The entire table top was covered with a heavy clear resin. Now we have a durable and permanent scrapbook to remind us of our road trips.

Searching for the right artwork to go in the kitchen is going to be like a giant treasure hunt. Every time we gas the car and hit the road we find something new. There may be a shop that we haven't visited before, or a scenic overlook that we missed. Sometimes, tucked away and off of the beaten path, is just the right souvenir to take home. Our road trips are like that. How are yours?

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