Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Five top Christian road trip songs

I always gather music before leaving home on any vacation. These top Christian road trip songs will have you singing and praising the whole way. I hope that this article helps get you in creating your playlist.

There is no doubt that you will want to share your ideas for Christian road trip songs with others. The comments section below is here so you can do just that. Which songs would you choose for your road trip and why? Let us know.

To hear clips or find out more about these Christian songs just click the links. There are no worries about leaving this page. A new window will open up so you can find out about each song.

1. Awesome God, Rich Mullins
Vacations are not just for family bonding, they are an opportunity to explore the creation that God has made. What better way to do that to sing Awesome God as you travel on your family road trip. It's a classic Christian music favorite that generations continue to enjoy.

2. Who Am I, Casting Crowns
Peppy, upbeat and a song that everyone in the family can learn (if they don't know it already). No list of Christian songs for a long road trip is complete without it.

3. Clumsy, Chris Rice
Vacations are for getting foolish at times. Talking about a walk (or road trip) of a thousand miles, this Christian song helps make the thousand miles of your family road trip click right on by.

4. Oh Happy Day, Elvis Presley
You know how they say that a bad day on vacation beats a good day at the office? This is one of my top Christian songs for a road trip because it celebrates the mood so well.

Because He's not. The message behind this Christian music makes it a fabulous road trip song.

These are my favorites but now it's your turn. What are your top Christian road trip songs? Lots of other Christian vacationers want to know. Leave your suggestions in the comments.


  1. From:
    Chantel Pilet no Amy Grant?! gasp. Emmanuel should definitely be on that list :) And any of the different versions of Lamb of God work, too. I know. 5 is an impossibly short list!

  2. Chantel,
    It's short but it's enough to get the play list ball rolling. I also want to add Testify to Love by Avalon.

    What other suggestions do you have? Let's see if we can load this article with enough popular ideas for an hour long playlist(or more). :-)