Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Icky mulch fire gives Knoxville a Code Red air alert

The icky mulch fire has given Knoxville a Code Red air quality alert on Monday night. This means that the air quality was bad for anyone who is close to the downtown area near UT Campus. I had to drive near it and wish that I hadn't. It's a real mess!

The thick smoke made is causing the driver's along I-40 and this end of Highway 129 to slow down. This is prudent for driving purposes. Speaking as someone who has asthma, the traffic slowdown could have been a nightmare. Setting the car air conditioner to recirculated helped some. I always carry an inhaler but getting out of the area as soon as possible helped the most.

The situation helps me appreciate the brave firefighters who are fighting this blaze. I heard a news report about the mulch fire few minutes ago. If I heard correctly, an unfathomable 90,000 gallons of water are being poured on the mulch fire blaze in Knoxville every hour. Mother Nature may help later today but the fire may still burn for a few more days. If you have a lung issue, please consider precautions if traveling through Knoxville. It may be invaluable to watch WATE, WBIR or tune into a local radio station.

Consult your trip software or GPS to determine what alternate route may be best for you. Depending on where you are and where you are going it may be possible to take I-640 or even Hwy. 411.

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