Monday, April 23, 2012

About 'read medical bills' on my travel blog

Sorry folks. If you've come here for my travel articles do not dismay. This blog has not been hijacked by aliens from outer space (or even from Area 51). Instead, I posted the wrong content to the wrong blog.

Blogger has recently switched everyone over to the new format. Everything is all well and good except for the fact that I am still learning how to work with the updated version. Right now, he learning curve that I am on is steeper than a mountain road and it's slippery.

Please forgive my vent about medical bills on this blog. I am reposting the content from here over to my blog on My Out of Debt Journey. If everything goes well, then you won't be bothered by a mistake like this again and can get back to information on your favorite events and road trips. If it doesn't go well, then all I ask is that you don't give up.

In fact, you may want to sit back and fasten your seat belts. This road trip through bloggerland could be a little bumpy.

Thanks and traveling joys,


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